High End Retail Dispensing Centers and Customer Experience

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Project Description

High End Retail Dispensing Centers and Customer Experience

Our retail centers are designed with the look, feel and functionality of an Apple Store. Each store will have a clean, open and modernist look, feel and flow. The open front portion of each store will be staffed with skilled customer service representatives prepared to provide each and every customer with a personal journey through our medical cannabis pharmacy service model and an introduction to our health & wellness programming. Upon entering our restricted cannabis sales areas, customers will be greeted by pharmacists, who will provide individual medication counseling, and by highly trained cannabis specialists who will assist customers with their purchases and ensure that all their questions have been answered. When our Patients enter our front doors, we want them to immediately feel confident and comfortable that they are in a safe and professional environment that is all about health and wellbeing.


Monday – Friday 8:00 – 6:00 EST
Saturday CLOSED

  (412) 577-2488