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Our Departments


Retail Dispensing Centers

High End Retail Dispensing Centers and Customer Experience Our retail centers are designed with the look, feel and functionality of an Apple Store. Each store will have a clean, open and modernist look, feel and flow. The open front portion of each store will be [...]


Physician Training & Education

Physician Education & Training We will take a leadership role in providing physician education and training programs. FARMACEUTICALRX™ will work with our health system and provider partners to: Develop and implement education programs for physicians; Implement training programs for physicians to promote [...]


Strategic Relationships

Strategic Relationships & Opportunities for Innovation We are the proud partner of Health Systems, Academic Centers, Provider Groups and Not-for-Profit Organizations. We intend to drive research, understanding, improved patient outcomes and biotech opportunities with our partners.   HOURS Monday - Friday8:00 - 6:00 [...]


Scientific Clinical Advisory Board

Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board (S/CAB) In addition to our core operational talent, we have assembled an external set of experts to advise us in a neutral fashion, primarily around clinical trials, outcomes measures and cost-effectiveness analyses. We look forward to introducing our existing Team of [...]


Clean Room Processing

Clean Room Processing & Development of High Quality, Standardized & Reproducible Products FARMACEUTICALRX™ is committed to advancing science and driving excellence and innovation in the medical marijuana processing sector. Our processing operations will be housed in FDA Clean Room-like laboratories. With our focus on [...]


Consumer Health & Wellness

Consumer Health & Wellness Programs FARMACEUTICALRX™ is developing a Community Education Toolbox of health & wellness programs tailored toward the specific disease states covered under the PA Program. Our programming will include diagnosis specific seminars addressing the health issues, symptoms and challenges that are common [...]


Sustainable Cultivation Strategy

Sustainable Cultivation Strategy Our overall cannabis cultivation strategy starts with a focus on quality: Our growing practices are rooted in organic and biodynamic agricultural techniques and represent the best practices of our award winning VP of Cultivation – an acclaimed Master Grower who [...]